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All 车床 铣床 镗床 钻削及攻丝机床 磨床 齿轮加工机床 螺纹加工机床 刨床 插床 拉床 锯床 加工中心 并联机床 Lathes Milling machines Boring machines Drilling &tapping machines Grinding machines Gear cutting machines Screwing and threading machines Shaping machines Planning machines Broaching machines Sawing machines Machining centers Parallel kinematic machines Cutting tools Fixtures Chucks Tool posts, rotary Table, indexer ATC & manipulators Spindle units (Electro-Motor Spindle) Bearings Lead screws Pneumatic &hydraulic components Linear rolling guides Gears, pulleys, belts & reducers Couplings & clutches Other key components for machine tools Separation equipment and technology Shear presses Laser cutting machines Plasma cutting machines Water jet cutting machines Flame cutting equipment Sawing equipment Punch presses Nibbling machines Notching machines Other separation equipment and technology Sheet metal forming machines Bending machines Pipe benders Trimming presses Sheet metal levelling machines Folding machines other metal forming technology andequipment Surface technology Polishing equipment Cleaning equipment Deburring machines Laser marking machines Laser graving machines Other surface technology equipment and technology Welding technology Laser welding machines Resistance welding equipment Arc welding machines Other welding equipment and technology Foundry machines Forging machines Forging hammers Extrusion presses Hydraulic presses Mechanical presses Presses for cold forming Presses for hot forming Injection moulding machine Materials, components and equipment for additive manufacturing Other metal forming machines metal forming tools Blanking and punching dies Bulging dies and stretching tools Extrusion dies Deep drawing dies Tools for powder metallurgy Drawing dies Moulds for glass Moulds for ceramics Injection moulding tools for other materials and processes Pattern-making and prototyping Components and accessories for tool, pattern and mould-making Other precision moulds& dies, metal forming tools Industrial robotics Industrial robots for painting and coating Industrial robots for welding Industrial robots for laser applications Industrial robots for Transportation Palletizing robots Other industrial robotics Components for robot systems Machine vision Components for machine vision Machine vision systems Positioning systems Drive technology Sensor technology Control systems technology and industrial communications Safety and security technology 3D scan equipment Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and human-computer interaction Augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality Extreme manufacturing, ultra net manufacturing, agile manufacturing and virtual manufacturing Digital and logic control technology, analog and simulation technology, group technology Flexible and intelligent manufacturing cells and systems Digital workshops and digital factories Discrete industrial system integration and intelligent technology and equipment Gages & Measuring Instruments Micrometer calipers Optic Grating / Capacitance Grating / MagnetBall Grating / Magnet-Scale Displacement Testing Systems Measuring equipment Abrasive tools,abrasive and grinding wheels Super hard materials &products Synthetic diamond &products HSS Sheet metal Ceramics Castings Forged parts Coatings Carbide Nanometer material Superconductive material Graphene Shape memory alloy Self-repairing material Other advanced material Green materials Green packages Recycling and remanufacturing equipment Waste liquid equipment Noise treatment equipment Air purification equipment Green process and technology Dry machining / quasi dry machining Nanotechnology Hot working simulation technology near shape technique Industrial medium Internet of things Information and communication technology Big data management Data analysis Industrial cloud computing Software application Industrial safety Cyber security Predictive maintenance Materials handling and storage technology Warehousing and operational equipment Warehouse and production controls / Robotics Packaging, weighing, measuring and franking Loading technology and systems Information and communication technology Order-picking systems Labelling and identification Outsourcing partners Logistics Facilities Software for storage systems Consultation, planning and implementation Training equipment and training system Solution providers for vocational skills education Online education, methodology, curriculum,, etc. Certification provider for Vocational education and skills training Maker Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Cross-enterprise training


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